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Nobody is safe in this confrontational video from rapper Killer Mike and director/editor Giovanni Hidalgo. Same goes for the viewer, so don't click that "watch" link unless you're ready to be shocked, agitated, offended and saddened by the flurry of utterly horrific news footage that flashes throughout this clip. Most prominently, there's police brutality, acts of terrorism and lots of explicit violence that would garner at least an R rating in a movie — and borders on being a snuff film — so, consider this very unsafe for work or anywhere else, for that matter. KM and Hidalgo also take shots at several wealthy and well-to-do members of the black community, dredge up some rather ugly clips from Hollywood's minstrel past and basically touches upon almost everything that falls under the umbrella of racial inequality. Bookended by speeches by Malcolm X, it's an angry video and song — one squarely in the lineage of Ice Cube, who contributes a verse, but doesn't appear in the video.

This video for "Pressure" does highlight so much that is wrong with society, but it seem awfully content with just barraging you with unpleasantness and leaving you in a state of impotent nausea. Welcome to 21st Century hip-hop existentialism. --> (warning: very strong news footage of violence, racism and a whole lot of other shit that will ruin your breakfast)


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