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My good friend and music video director Suj just booked this gig for Def Jam and gave me a call asking me if I was available to produce it. He sent me the treatment, and I immediately dove into the project looking for locations, crew and talent. Trying to find the right roller skating rink within our budget was a task in itself. We wanted a rink that with a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that gave us enough room for our choreography scenes since that was the main focus of this project. We finally locked in a location in NoHo but we only had 10hrs to film and had to be done before they opened for business that evening. Bringing this project to life took two weeks from pre pro to post. Thankful for everyone that was apart of this project they did an awesome job especially the choreographer, Matt Day. Enjoy the latest dance video from Jeremih directed by Suj.

(Also, check out the feature in Video Static.)


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